for whom & why?


producers of immersive tech and software developers who have a strong focus on technological R&D, including VR, AR, immersive room, 360° video.

This project aims to create synergy

between care providers and tech companies who aim to optimize the wellbeing of patients during their treatment or stay in a care facility. We aim to make use of immersive tech like virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive room and 360° video to make this happen.


Professionals in healthcare who help those in need of care: for prevention, treatment or palliative care.

What's in it for me?


First one to get the results
Network of experts & SMEs


Help steer the focus of the project
Possibility to suggest and co-create use cases


In knowledge sharing channels (website, reports, press...)
During the concluding immersive care-event

the team of thomas more
university of applied sciences

For this project, four partners within Thomas More University of Applied Sciences will be collaborating, 
under the supervision of Dr. Leentje De Bleser, of the nursing Department.

my contribution?

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) request a contribution by organisations of 7,5% of the total project budget, to assure  sufficient support of the rsults. The contribution is highly dependent on the type of organisation, the prefered visibility and the specific role within the project.

Amounts vary between €1.000 en €10.000, dependent on these factors. It can be paid in cash, but also by making relevant expertise, infrastructure or technology available to the project. Any contribution is only required of the project receives formal approval by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

what now?

Reach out to the project coordinator for more info!