Slotevent: Virtual as the new Reality? How technology creates better healthcare

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E-mental health en het gebruik van immersieve technologie in de gezondheidszorg.
Dat zijn de onderzoeksonderwerpen waar we aan gewerkt hebben in de projecten Immersive Care en eMEN.
Allebei lopen ze op hun einde, dus zijn we erg enthousiast om onze verworven kennis te delen tijdens een joint event!

Wat kan je verwachten? Keynote sprekers drs. Felix Bolinski en dr. Inez Myin-Germeys, de projectresultaten over e-mental health en het gebruik van immersieve technologie (technologie die je de indruk geeft ondergedompeld te zijn in een andere omgeving) in de gezondheidszorg, demo’s van technologiebedrijven, prototypes en netwerksessies.

Het voormiddagprogramma zal in het Nederlands doorgaan (Immersive Care), terwijl het namiddagprogramma in het Engels zal verlopen (eMEN).

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E-mental health and the use of immersive technology in healthcare.
Those are the research topics we worked around in the projects Immersive Care and eMEN.
Both are coming to an end, so we’re very excited to share our gained knowledge during a joint event!

What to expect? Keynote speakers drs. Felix Bolinski and dr. Inez Myin-Germeys,  the project results on e-mental health and the use of immersive technology (technology that gives you the impression of being immersed in a different environment) in healthcare, demo’s and networking sessions.

Note that the morning program (Immersive Care) will be in DUTCH, while the afternoon program (eMEN) will be in ENGLISH.

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During the start-up slam, start-ups in the e-mental health sector will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products! Even if you are not yet active in the sector, but have a lot of interest and expertise, you can participate.

This way they can introduce their innovations, network, ask for feedback and get inspired by the attendees at the joint event of eMEN and Immersive Care!

Would you like to come and convince major players in the field of e-mental health of your product or services for free? Send an email to and convince us why you should be there!


Inez Myin-Germeys is a psychologist and professor of Contextual Psychiatry at KU Leuven, Belgium. She is the head of the Center for Contextual Psychiatry (CCP), a research lab with over 25 researchers, that she founded in 2015. Prof. Inez Myin-Germeys is a world-renowned expert in the field of Experience Sampling Methodology and mobile Health (mHealth) in relation to psychopathology in general, and psychosis in particular. The CCP is focusing on the study of stress-sensitivity and altered social interactions in the development of psychopathology, on the clinical implementation of ESM as a tool for self-management and shared decision making, on the development of new Ecological Momentary Interventions, and on research from a first-person perspective. Inez Myin-Germeys has received an ERC consolidator grant in 2012, an ERC proof-of-concept grant in 2019, and she is the principle investigator of IMMERSE, an Horizon2020 implementation grant. She also received a highly prestigious 5.2 m Euro brain gain Odysseus grant from the Flemish research council. She published over 400 papers and has supervised over 30 PhD projects.

Foto @Rob Stevens KU Leuven

Felix Bolinski is currently finishing his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the team of prof. Heleen Riper. His research focused on both clinical and experimental application of technology (Internet, Virtual Reality, Wearables) for tackling mental health issues in students. Felix is also working as a research associate and project manager at the Trimbos Institute (the national expertise centre for mental health and addiction), where he mainly focuses on implementing low-threshold ehealth programs.